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Quote Hamish leads a first class training program. He is a dynamic presenter and captures the attention of the professionals he is coaching. He has a deep knowledge of sales, sales process, the psychology of selling and, more importantly, how to infuse that knowledge and elevate his clients. He's personable, tough when he needs to be, an excellent listener and addresses challenges and concerns immediately. Quote

Shane Styles, Sales and Marketing Manager, Bucci Developments Limited

Attitude/Behavior Journal Template

Mountain ClimberDavid Sandler believed that successful sales people track their behaviors and their attitude on a daily basis so they could see progression towards their goals and give themselves permission to fail daily.

To start yourself on the path to success, download an attitude/behavior journal template here.

If you'd like to discuss how using an attitude/behavior journal can be a component of your successful sales or management program, contact Hamish Knox at 403-457-1507 or to schedule a meeting.