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Quote I have been working with Hamish as my Sandler Sales Trainer for six months now. Before working with Hamish, my business partner and I were at a turning point in our small business. We needed to take some big steps if we wanted to follow our passions and dreams. We visited one of Hamish's sales classes and were blown away by the content that was being taught and the atmosphere in the class. It was not the typical business sales lesson we were expecting, but skills that can be transferred to all areas of life. We were a bit hesitant with the financial and time commitment required, but saw the great benefits not only in our business but also for our personal lives. Since moving forward with Hamish, my income has tripled, my communication skills (both in business and my personal life) have immensely improved, and my self confidence has grown. Hamish is always willing to help where he can, and listen to the struggles and successes in both my business and personal life. He is very understanding and always in our corner! In the class room, Hamish is always able to create a judgement free atmosphere, allowing us all to be vulnerable and honest with each other. I owe the accountability and training from Hamish, through Sandler Training, to the success of my business in 2014. Quote

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Attitude/Behavior Journal Template

Mountain ClimberDavid Sandler believed that successful sales people track their behaviors and their attitude on a daily basis so they could see progression towards their goals and give themselves permission to fail daily.

To start yourself on the path to success, download an attitude/behavior journal template here.

If you'd like to discuss how using an attitude/behavior journal can be a component of your successful sales or management program, contact Hamish Knox at 403-457-1507 or to schedule a meeting.