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Quote Hamish is a very well organized and respectful individual. Throughout my time in his Sandler Training class, my sales skills exceeded what I thought possible. Whenever I had any questions he would answer my call and help me through the situation. It is a very open class, where if you have any problems, you can discuss it and work on a way to solve the problem. His classes were always very fun, entertaining, and full of excitement. Overall the class is great, the environment is outstanding, and the skills I learned will not only be applicable to work, but life as well. Quote

David Quiring

Attitude/Behavior Journal Template

Mountain ClimberDavid Sandler believed that successful sales people track their behaviors and their attitude on a daily basis so they could see progression towards their goals and give themselves permission to fail daily.

To start yourself on the path to success, download an attitude/behavior journal template here.

If you'd like to discuss how using an attitude/behavior journal can be a component of your successful sales or management program, contact Hamish Knox at 403-457-1507 or to schedule a meeting.