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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Wonder how Sandler Calgary helps its clients scale successfully?

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Common Challenges Prior to Engaging Sandler ​

  • Sales Management
    • Sales Managers don’t have systems for pre-call strategy and post-call debriefing
    • Don’t have systems and processes for sales management
    • Sales managers don’t have effective sales skills
    • Salespeople are in comfort zones
  • Prospecting
    • Not getting in front of enough new prospects
    • Not getting to the right decision-maker
    • Features & benefits are no longer winning us business
  • Qualifying, Closing & Expansion
    • We have more competition & a harder time differentiating
    • Not getting enough high-quality referrals
    • No structured qualifying process or account management system

Three Steps to Exploring Sandler Calgary

  1. Initial Call – get to know each other at a high level, what challenges or opportunities do you want help with and how Sandler Calgary creates long-term successful relationships with its clients
  2. Discovery Call – a deeper dive into the challenges or opportunities discussed at our initial call and building the beginnings of a plan for working together to resolve those challenges or realize those opportunities
  3. Scoping Call – building out our plan further and beginning implementation if we want to move forward

These are our steps for starting a successful long-term relationship, but we appreciate they might not be yours. Depending on your scope and the number of people involved in the selection process each of those steps might have multiple, individual conversations. Think of those steps as guide points. We believe that in every conversation each person, prospect and seller, has the right to say “let’s stop” or “let’s keep talking.”

We also believe, and teach our clients, that professional sellers get paid on the information they gather not the information they give so we’ll probably ask you more questions than you’ve every been asked by a seller before we start prescribing potential solutions. We expect you to ask us lots of questions too. 😊

At Sandler Calgary we are easy to work with, but we follow a process so we have integrity with what we train our clients to do.

Get the conversation started by booking your initial call. 

An Ivy League University, contacted Sandler in 2019 to do a ROI study with our clients over a 3-year period. Some Sandler Calgary clients participated. The study found a 300% ROI for clients implementing Sandler over three years.​

Those results might seem fantastical. Fair. Your mileage may vary, but we won’t know until we speak.