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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Wondering How to Become a Sandler Client?

Accelerate your learning path and multiply your successes.


Thanks for exploring if the support Sandler Calgary provides to our clients would support the development and growth of your organization. Our relationship develops through four stages – discovery, design, delivery, development. At each stage each of us has the option to “stop” or “move forward.”



The discovery stage has two parts – an Initial Conversation and a Discovery Meeting. The Discovery Meeting only happens if we want to meet in-person.

For our Discovery Meeting we’ll invite you to our business performance lab (2204, 8561-8A Ave. SW). Everyone who meets with us completes our business outlook survey, the results of which help us focus our discussion on the parts of your economic engine which you feel need work. Several prospects shared with us that completing our survey gave them an opportunity to uncover other challenges in their business that were being masked by observable “symptoms.”


Depending on the size and complexity of your organization the design phase may happen during Discovery or we may have a separate Design meeting after we agree to work together.

Part of the design phase for all our clients is all candidates under consideration for training taking two surveys online to diagnose their communication preferences (how they prefer to give and receive information) and their behavioral preferences (their preference for doing role specific behaviors like prospecting, delegating or problem solving). The results of these surveys form a unique development plan for each person we train that is incorporated into our training.


We deliver almost all our training at our business performance lab through our sales, management/leadership and customer care development groups. Our clients shared that they appreciate having a professional environment to learn in as well as the networking opportunities with their training colleagues.


Our client’s development starts prior to their first training session with a Leadership Launch Pad meeting.

The Leadership Launch Pad establishes our client’s goals for growth in their business to which we hold them accountable at our quarterly Leadership Launch Pad Review meetings. At the Leadership Launch Pad meeting we also establish how our client will hold us accountable through the Client Centric Satisfaction tool from Sandler’s Enterprise Selling content.

Our training is based on the Adult Learning Model of ongoing reinforcement and development over time. Everyone who does any type of training could go through five levels of development, which Sandler refers to as the “Knowing to Owning” Model outlined below.

Development Level













Your Involvement

Congratulations. You’re here. Contact us.


Participation in training sessions, consuming Sandler content online.


Participate in role play sessions, group coaching.


Participate in advanced role play sessions, group coaching



Continued deliberate practice of Sandler concepts and tools.

Sandler Support

Initial Conversation and, possibly, a Discovery Meeting.

Delivering Sandler foundational concepts and tools, challenging your comfort zone. 

Delivering Sandler Mastery concepts and tools, debriefing role plays, facilitating group coaching, challenging your comfort zone. 

Reinforcing foundational and mastery concepts, debriefing role plays, facilitating group coaching, challenging your comfort zone. 

Supporting continued growth and development through training, coaching and consulting. 

“Owning” takes time, repetition and reinforcement. You can’t “own” it until you’ve successfully progressed through the previous development levels, which is the purpose behind our certification program.

Our clients were already running successful businesses when they started working with us, but they believed that their revenue and profit would grow better by design instead of by default. If you’re curious to explore if success by design would be right for your organization click the “contact us” link below to set up an Initial Conversation.

Contact us.

As part of our "equal business stature" approach Sandler in Calgary, our prospects and clients agree to.

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