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David H. Sandler Award Winner

Hamish Knox

SANDLER ANNOUNCES THIS YEAR’S DAVID H. SANDLER AWARD WINNER Former Rookie of the Year, Hamish Knox, Receives Award

Sandler (, the global leader in the training industry, presented Hamish Knox, a key Sandler facilitator based in Calgary, AB, with this year’s David H. Sandler Award in recognition of his outstanding dedication to the organization. The award recognizes the embodiment of Sandler principles and the spirit of David Sandler as well as the Sandler brand.

“This is the top award that we give out. It’s voted on by all our trainers around the world, who represent what Sandler stands for each and every day. These trainers selflessly help others, conducting reinforcement training which is a foundational concept for Sandler. They know better than anyone who is the most supportive, and who has the business model that is pure in the way that David Sandler envisioned the business,” said David Mattson, CEO and President of Sandler.

“I am incredibly grateful that I earned this award, especially because not only was it a nomination of my peers, but it was a vote of my peers,” said Knox, who was Sandler’s Global Rookie of the Year in 2011. “These are the people who have reached out to me for support in the network, and who have said, ‘Hey, we like what you do and we want to recognize you for it’.”

Knox is a current member of Sandler's Franchisee Advisory Council and author of two books, Accountability the Sandler Way: Creating A Leadership Mentality In 20 Minutes A Week and Change the Sandler Way: Understanding The Human Dynamics That Cause New Initiatives To Succeed.

The desire to go above and beyond stood out not only to other Sandler trainers, but Mattson, as well. Mattson also remarked, “[This award] says that you're a great salesperson, you’re a great business owner, you're a great trainer. That’s the trifecta, and Hamish, from our perspective, embodies all of that.”

Sandler is the world’s largest professional development organization, dominating the global industry through an unparalleled network of more than 270 local offices worldwide in more than 30 countries, as well as an award-winning Corporate Development Division at the world headquarters. Serving global enterprise organizations as well as small to medium-sized businesses, Sandler's experts offer leading-edge expertise on a wide range of sales, sales management, leadership, and management topics.

 Article written by Lori Ames.

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