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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Self Development

Goal setting tends to be on our minds this time of year. Goals setting, and goal achievement, are great, but setting goals without a clearly defined personal vision puts us on a hamster wheel that starts all over every January 1.

Tim Goering, Sandler trainer and expert in drama and trigger conversations, talks about how to recognize your own DISC behavioral styles and your personality triggers.

Mike Montague interviews Maria Ellis, author of Redefining Entrepreneurial Success, on How to Succeed with a Healthy and Holistic Lifestyle.

Years ago, one of our clients almost, in their words, “were almost sued out of existence,” by a larger organization who they had partnered with on a project. The instigator for the potentially devastating lawsuit was misunderstanding of the word “liability.”

Our salespeople sell our services more often than their prospects attempt to buy services like ours (hopefully 😊) so we want our salespeople to own our process and increase their credibility.

Mike Montague interviews Aaron Montgomery on How to Succeed at Suspending Your Disbelief. Aaron wrote Suspend Your Belief to help others learn the importance that every experience is an opportunity to grow, learn, and share and that by sharing your knowledge you can help others on the way too.

Mike Montague interviews Scott Bliss on How to Succeed at Improving Your Batting Average. Scott talks about the Sandler Success Triangles and how to use them to get to the top and stay there!

Mike Montague interviews John Barron, voice coach and vocal expert of the Alexander Technique, on How to Succeed Vocally. 

Mike Montague interviews Jason Caywood, Sandler trainer from Utah, on How to Succeed at Getting in Flow.

Mike Montague interviews Matthew Dashper-Hughes on How to Succeed at Labeling Emotions.