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Videoconferencing has the potential to lead us into a serious, rapport-killing selling mistake that a whole lot of us are, unfortunately, already strongly predisposed to make.

This one mindset shift will build you a committed, loyal, and driven team of work horses that crush collective goals for your organization…


What does it tell us about learners if only 8% of courses bought are actually ever finished? Most folks will go to learn something new (usually to solve a problem they are experiencing) but their learning process never goes deeper than just writing a page of notes and then throwing them into the abyss of discarded learnings.


In a world where sales are often equated with networking and relationship-building, consider the  age-old debate that sales isn't about the product or price, nor is it about the significance or the number of your connections, but in the trust people place in your capabilities to help them.


Join us for an enlightening episode as Josh Shirley delves into the intricacies of selling SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. Josh emphasizes the nuances of selling SaaS, highlighting the crucial differences from selling tangible products or services. 

Uncover the "four elements of sales success": prospecting, creating an ideal client wish list, achieving clarity and confidence in the sales process, and mastering effective negotiation techniques.

For sales leaders and business owners, focusing a lot on just making more sales, getting more leads, and sending out more proposals might seem good. But the problem is that they tell us what happened, not what's going to happen.

This week, we have an insightful conversation with Hannah Ajikawo as we explore the fundamental stages of awareness, consideration, decision, and post-purchase, shedding light on the complexities beyond the traditional "funnel" analogy.

We’re just not as comfortable in these remote-meeting settings as we are in person. And that means the revenue we generate in virtual meetings is not what it should be.