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It’s a special kind of sideways that a relationship between salesperson and sales manager goes. The blue skies and birdsongs that were there at the start quickly turn to darkness and decay as we watch our funnel and, potentially, one of our sales territories shrivel.

Cal Thomas joined us to reveal the secrets of controlling sales conversations with questions.

One of David Sandler’s rules is “people buy emotionally and justify their decisions intellectually,” which means that if our salespeople are tense, nervous or hold another negative emotion when they’re interacting with their prospects, they could end a sale before it begins by triggering tension in their prospect.

Mike Montague interviews James Abraham, Sandler coach from Israel, on How to Succeed at Magic Sales Leadership.

Mike Montague interviews Mike Cunningham, national sales manager at Gill Athletics, Sandler client, and podcaster, on How to Succeed at Podcasting for Business. 

There are eight possible sources of leverage that are present in every negotiating situation. We want to understand and maximize all eight sources.

Designed for salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders of all levels, from small businesses to enterprise sales organizations looking to ramp up their selling and leadership skills.

Mike Montague interviews Alon Alroy, co-founder of Bizzabo and author of Event Success, on How to Succeed at Events.

Text is a horrible way to conduct a sales conversation, which has a lot of nuance and emotion tied up in it. It can be a great way to start qualifying a prospect if our salesperson leverages that text-based communication into a voice-to-voice or face-to-face interaction.