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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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The Sandler Research Center surveyed sales leaders and sales managers in Q4 2020 to gauge the impact of the global pandemic on sales processes and operations across a variety of industries.


Mike Montague interviews Josh Linkner on How to Succeed at Big Little Breakthroughs. In this episode:


Think back to a time in your career when you really wanted to buy a product or service for your business. Not “needed.” Wanted. Maybe you had to convince your boss to free up funds, maybe you had to borrow a bit or shift money from one budget line to another, but you. Made. The money. Work.

Mike Montague interviews Steve Sims on How to Succeed at Making Things Happen.


A salesperson’s only valuables are their time and information. Many salespeople waste time with suspects instead of real prospects because they have no process to support them in quickly sorting out the time wasters from the true potential clients.

Calgary, AB – Sandler in Calgary is please to announce the recipients of its Not-for-Profit and Unapologetic Saleswoman Scholarships in-Kind for 2021/22.

Mike Montague interviews Greg Rice on How to Succeed at Communicating More Effectively.


“Leading from the Front in Challenging Times” is the latest survey from the Sandler Research Center (SRC). It compiles and analyses data from a global collection of hundreds of sales leaders and managers.


Mike Montague interviews Antarctic Mike on How to Succeed at Meeting New People.

Mike Montague interviews Dave Mattson on How to Succeed at Scaling Sales Success.