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Sales Growth Strategy

Take the Guesswork out of Your Sales Pipeline

Seeking Consistent, Repeatable Revenue and Profit Growth?

For too long sales has been perceived as an art, when it is a science. Consistently growing your revenue and profit year-after-year requires a scientific approach and a common language towards sales that is understood by your entire organization.

Contact us at our business performance lab (403-457-1507) to discover is a Sales Growth Strategy would be a good fit for your organization.

Are you a Chief Executive, Owner, President or VP of Sales of…

  • A start-up (<3 years in business) who has felt initial sales growth level off and wonders how to replicate your initial sales success
  • A growth stage company who is tired of inaccurate sales forecasts and desires a sales focused organization with repeatable routines and a common language from prospecting to delivery
  • A mature company who desires consistent organic and net new growth instead of bouncing between highs and lows year-after-year
  • An exit stage company who believes a executing consistent, accountable sales growth strategy will result in a higher multiple from potential acquirers

We’ll support you in….

  • Creating an ideal prospect profile
  • Creating a universal sales process and identifying the non-negotiables at each stage of your process that your sales team must check to advance the opportunity
  • Creating a sales funnel management routine that eliminates storytelling and creates clarity with other functional groups in your organization like operations and finance
  • Creating proactive prospecting plans for your sales team
  • Creating a proactive client development process that will spur organic growth and increase high quality referrals
  • Creating a common language around prospecting, selling, delivery and client development activities that enables greater accountability with your sales team and greater clarity with other functional areas in your organization