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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Sandler Enterprise Selling

At Sandler's Enterprise Selling Boot Camp you'll leave with the tools to win more profitable business from enterprise clients, serve them well and expand your relationship over time.

Sandler Enterprise Selling

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Sandler's Enterprise Selling training is an interactive program designed to give participants tactics and strategies they can implement immediately.

Sandler Enterprise Selling | Sandler Client Tracie Reed

Through the Sandler Enterprise Selling program, VP of Business Development Tracie Reed was able to unify team communication and shift her company's sales approach. As a result, Tracie is projecting 146% growth in sales volume since starting with Sandler.

When you sell do you face:

  • RFPs, RFIs, RFQs for almost every opportunity?
  • Long (6+ month) sales cycles?
  • Complex decision structures?
  • Significant internal investments (time, money and people) in pursuing opportunities?
  • Multiple contacts at multiple levels at prospect organizations?

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify which accounts in your territory you should Keep, Acquire, Recapture and Expand (KARE)
  • Prospect and develop relationships up, down and across your prospect organization
  • Qualify or disqualify an opportunity without major investments internally or damaging your relationship with your prospect
  • Plan, prepare and execute a winning team presentation
  • Grow organically within your new client and create new opportunities through introductions

You'll leave with the tools to:

  • Create a focused territory plan
  • Pre-call plan and debrief every interaction with your prospect
  • Develop a "go / no go" analysis to avoid wasting resources on opportunities with low closing potential
  • Effectively qualify an opportunity by understanding a prospect's compelling emotional reasons for buying, investment expectations/limitations and "cast of characters" involved in making the decision to buy from you
  • Identify small wins that could open doors to growth at enterprise prospects

Previous Attendees Said...

Rajat S. - Enersul
This workshop provides good tools which I can adapt to my organization unique requirement. A good foundation to build upon.

Douglas M. - Enersul
Show light onto how important it is to have a plan/strategy for all opportunities.

Tracie R. - Drillform
Really solid tools/approaches to use internally and externally with prospects and clients to create clarity + define next steps. Permission to identify when it doesn't make sense to pursue a prospect to improve overall productivity and success :)

Jeff M. - Microwatt
Sandler Enterprise Selling gives me a foundation that makes sense in a market that is complex and always changing. The tools provided will propel me to the next level of my career.

Kent W. - Olaf Packaging
Good tools. I will use them once PDF's are received.

Nichole N. - Drillform
Got some good information/tools on how to keep the sale moving along through a long sales cycle. I liked that we reviewed scenarios/signs about when to pull the pin. Also loved the idea of the Flip call: provides clarity when they are many people, departments, involved in a sale.