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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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MEET Nisha Berman

Sandler Training in Calgary, AB

Nisha Berman

After spending nearly, a decade working in Marketing and Operations, Nisha has learned what truly drives marketing, both client-facing and event-related, and it’s not mastering the marketing flavour of the week. It’s how well you connect with the people you support and communicate your understanding back to them. Gaining this knowledge through a variety of experiences in marketing, including digital, events marketing, social media, and client experiences, Nisha continues to hone her skills to create real impact on the companies she supports.

Nisha also brings a unique international understanding to her marketing career. Immigrating to Canada in 2015 from Scotland, she quickly joined Sandler Training in Calgary as their Client Experience Associate and has recently been promoted to Manager, of Client Success. Driven by a mission to support their clients, both personally and professionally, Nisha is best known in the Sandler network as the marketing mind, supporting several marketing groups, including the larger Global Sandler network.

Nisha continues to grow her love of marketing participating in tradeshows, networking events, webinars and education through the Sandler network to continue to support companies reach their full potential.

Connect with Nisha

Sandler Training in Calgary / Nisha Berman is a frequent guest expert contributor for the Sandler several marketing groups within the global netowrk, as well as a recognized expert in the Calgary, AB area.


“Sandler training is working and I barely have a moment to spare. I can’t even begin to describe the difference in my sales life. I have control, I have confidence, and I have a measurable system. I’ve set more appointments with less calls than ever before. I’ve lost almost all my cold call anxiety. Being able to pick up the phone, dial a prospect, and not be afraid or feel like I have to ask permission to do my job - that alone is worth its weight in gold.
Sandler is the best buying decision I have ever made.”

Alexis L. Evans, Business Development Executive
Manifest Solutions