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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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The Unapologetic Saleswoman Scholarship-in-Kind

Accepting nominations for 2020

200 hours of professional development training

Unapologetic Saleswoman Scholarship-in-kind

Sandler in Calgary will be awarding 2 Scholarship in-Kind for a year of training in 2020.  Their course beginning April 2020 and ending in March 2021.

This scholarship will include 1 full-year in the Sandler Management Solutions program or Sales Mastery program which includes the Sandler Foundations. This is over 80 hours of live professional development training, as well as access to thousands of hours of audio and video training.

That’s over a $16,500 value for each scholarship-in-kind!

Sandler in Calgary is here to support

Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative leadership, sales, and management training. Wherever your business touches people – employees, candidates, prospects or clients; Sandler provides support and training. Our methodology is designed to create lasting performance improvement rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training programs. Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked Sandler Training as the No. 1 Professional Development and Training Company nine times.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide this scholarship for everyone, please let us know why your nominee would be a good fit for our Scholarship in-kind. 

*Self-nominations will not be considered.

Is your nominee


  • Wondering how to break barriers and beat the odds?
  • Curious how to establish control of the sales conversation as a peer?
  • Seeking how to overcome the most common obstacles?
  • Develop their skills in a professional environment?

Please submit your nomination

Nominations will be judged on need, based on a brief essay from the application received.

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Brittany Carlson of West Canadian Digital Imaging

Unapologetic Saleswoman Scholarship 2019

“My first impression of the Sandler training System was pure intrigue. Everything that was being said at the seminar I first heard Sandra speak at was the complete opposite as to what I had ever learned about a sales process previously – but it all made complete sense and I needed to learn more.

I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship by Hamish Knox of Sandler Training – and instantly my intrigue become fear and I realized I had to unlearn so many behaviours instilled into me.

Since beginning The Sandler Training System, it has helped me find my voice within my role at work and made me more aware and confident in my identity in everyday life.

Sandler System taught me how to confidently introduce myself, lead a prospect through MY selling system and to stop falling victim to the buyers’ dance.

For anyone who wants to be pushed outside of their own comfort zone, in a safe place – and grow in all aspects of your life (no joke) – Sandler Training will be a catalyst in helping you achieve this.

Brittany Carlson
Inside Sales, Event and Sponsorship Facilitator
West Canadian Digital Imaging