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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Canada-A.B. Job Grant

The Canada-A.B. Job Grant is accepting applications.


The Foundations Sales course is an interactive course that delivers the fundamentals of Sandler sales training . This course will introduce the basic concepts of our advanced tactics and cover the attitudes, behaviours and techniques that are essential to business development and sales success.


Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery is the mainstay of Sandler® sales training. It is the ongoing, professional development that teaches and reinforces advanced sales strategies and tactics that enable sales professionals in a wide variety of industries—both selling tangible products and intangible services—to sell more…and sell more easily.

Students experience a deeper dive into the concepts and techniques to be used with the Sandler training methodology. Students also enter an advanced stream of certification earning a bronze level designation based on online testing.


Strategic Management Solutions

Sandler Management Solutions, brings both the “how” and the real world together into the training room. The course emphasizes active skills training exercises and skills application specific to your actual goals and challenges and to your specific work environment. It’s manager training the way it was always supposed to be.


Strategic Customer Care

Sandler’s Strategic Customer Care course is unlike any training available. This is not a “quick fix”, short-term solution to success. It provides long-term, incremental reinforcement training and coaching to ensure a return on the training investment. Sandler’s techniques are unique. They differentiate you from your competitors. In addition to proven technical skills, positive attitudes and productive behaviors are developed to effectively implement winning strategies.