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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Sales Process Workshop

What if you spent more time coaching your salespeople instead of remembering what each salesperson’s definition of 25%, 50%, or 90% “closed” meant?

What Would the Payoff Be to Your Company if you: Had a common sales language?

What is a “Sales Process Workshop”?

  • Purpose – design and document the “Your Company Name Way,” which is all the steps and check boxes your salespeople need to address to take a prospect from “hello” to “here’s a purchase order” to “this has been a great X year relationship. Look forward to working with you for many more.”

  • Who attends – Senior leaders of functional units in your organization including CEO or Owners only.
  • Where – our place or yours. Most of our clients appreciate the opportunity to disconnect from distractions at their place and hold this session at ours.
  • Time – three hours.
  • You leave with – a clearly documented common language and the tools to implement internally and hold your people accountable to following your Way. We may address CRM integration if applicable, but we aren’t CRM experts.

Organizations with a common language and process around their prospecting, selling and client development activities scale faster, grow consistently and can realize a higher exit multiple.

What would the payoff be if you eliminated the “every selling situation is different” excuse from your sales team?

If you’re not sure common payoffs Sandler clients realize are:

  • shorter sales cycles (from “hello” to “here’s a purchase order”)
  • less time spent on proposals with little to no chance of closing
  • higher closing percentage on proposals submitted
  • larger average transactions
  • higher margins due to less negotiating after a “win.”
  • higher average productivity per salesperson
  • more productive coaching sessions
  • more efficient sales funnel review meetings

If one or more of those resonate with you contact us.


Sandler isn’t a good fit for everyone, but we won’t know until we speak. 

Contact us to start that conversation.