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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Developing the Economic Engine of Your Business

Does the Economic Engine of Your Business Need a Tune up, Overhaul or Complete Rebuild?

Your Economic Engine Runs When All Parts Are Aligned

Our next Developing the Economic Engine of Your Business will be scheduled in 2018.

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Our clients believe that the economic engine of their business runs best by design instead of by default. That means creating a common language across your organization for marketing, prospecting, selling and client development, which allows your sales, leadership and customer care teams to work smarter instead of harder to keep your business growing.

Are You a Chief Executive, Owner or VP of Sales who….

  •  Seeks strategies to differentiate yourself from your competition on something other than price?
  •  Wonders how to effectively coach and motivate your team without using carrots or sticks?
  •  Is curious to understand how to create a simple, accountable sales process for your organization?
  •  Believes in controlling the sales destiny of your company instead of bobbing along with the rest of your industry?

You’ll leave with the tools to:


  • Create repeatable sales strategies that will grow your revenue, gross margin and/or net profit
  • Implement a structured approach to coaching and accountability that won’t make you feel like big brother
  • Evaluate if you have the right staff in the right roles
  • Sell through a conversational sales model that creates clarity between you and your prospect


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Previous Attendees Said....

Kevin L – Financial Rebel
The focusing on humanizing the sales and prospecting process provided by Sandler’s workshop is very refreshing. In an age dominated by tweets and e-mail blast it helps to reset and realize that any business starts with a conversation between two humans, and Hamish presents some great tolls and strategies for doing exactly that.

Susan M – Mariner Mechanical
I’ve been struggling to put together a document for each of our company’s roles which outlines their results areas. Hamish talked about having our own employees list the top 3 things they think they need to do to be successful in their role. This is brilliant!
I will be using this collaborative approach will be a great kick-start to this exercise.

Dave B – Inner City Brewing Company
As someone in the “start up” phase of a business, with no sales experience what so ever, I found the seminar to be highly enlightening. It gave me a lot to think about as we move from start up to selling product.

Jason T M – Mariner Mechanical
Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the true professional sales approach. It will change our company for the better