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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Meet Ethan Rusnack

Sandler Training in Calgary, AB


Ethan Rusnack of Sandler Training in Calgary

All business starts with open, clear, and transparent conversations. This, Ethan Rusnack believes, is the only way to build trusted relationships, next to doing what one say’s they’re going to, of course.

As Sandler’s Inside Sales Associate, Ethan has one goal - to make the lives of clients easier as they scale their business to reach their organizational goals. The only way he knows how to do this is to listen through curiosity and asking questions with genuine interest.

From a young age, Ethan learned the importance of attitude and mindset, both as a competitive hockey player and in his career, starting as a dishwasher at age 14, quickly moving into the world of construction. As with everything he does, the desire to be a learning sponge while building connections and human-to-human interactions through conversation continue to be the keys to his success.

These keys of success - attitude, mindset, genuine conversation - helped him accomplish his goal of playing hockey in the United States, where he proudly finished his hockey career at the University of Central Oklahoma, prior to completing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in April 2021 from Mount Royal University (Double major: Marketing and General Management; Minor: Innovation and Entrepreneurship).

They continue to help him daily in his role of listening to and learning about companies who are looking to work with their people to catapult them into all-stars.

They motivate him to avoid stagnation as he grows his career in business relationships, contributing to both the Sandler team’s development and that of our clients.

And these success keys lift and encourage him through the “no’s” that come with the world of business development, revenue growth, and sales leadership.

As Ethan continues to move through his career, there are five values that support his attitude and mindset to ensure he is always in service to the conversation at hand.

  • Pride is important, so always strive to do better.
  • Be a good person and do the right things right.
  • Attitude is everything, always.
  • Hold yourself accountable. You’re the only one who can.
  • Community is important. Invest and give back where you can.

For Ethan, the value of community plays a huge role in his extracurricular time. Combining community with his passion for hockey, he and a couple of friends take care of the Glendale outdoor rink during the winter months. This way, the entire community gets to enjoy skating, hockey, learning how to fall and get back up again, on ice that is a joy to be on!

Connect with Ethan and learn just how a conversation can start a relationship that grows in value with each interaction. Email or call 403-862-0166.