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Revised & Updated Cold Call Boot Camp

Cold Call Boot Camp is an interactive sales workshop designed to produce results, learn effective cold calling techniques, and overcome call reluctance.


Revised & Updated Cold Call Boot Camp

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Are you...

  • Anxious about making Cold Calls?
  • Tired of not getting past the Gate Keeper?
  • Sick of hearing "Email me some info"?
  • Struggling to hit your numbers?
  • Frustrated because you don't have enough appointments in your calendar?
  • Irritated because you keep getting stuck in voice mail?



Intensive One Day Boot Camp

Most sales people hate making cold calls for one of two reasons: They don't have a system, or the system they have doesn't work. If this sounds like you or your team, this boot camp may be for you.

Boot Camp includes: All materials, lunch, and a book. 

Investment: $600 plus GST per person.


  • You'll learn how to...
    1. Overcome call reluctance
    2. Get past the gatekeeper
    3. Get out of Voice Mail Jail
    4. Make your first 30 seconds on the phone count
    5. Get them engaged in a real conversation
    6. Get invited in instead of begging for a few minutes of time.
  • You'll leave with the tools to...
    1. Make a no-pressure prospecting call
    2. Ensure you maintain control during the call
    3. Develop a customized approach, geared to your business
    4. Know when and how to leave voice mails
    5. Understand how to eliminate stalls and objections

Previous Attendees Said....

Lorinda K – PCC Integrate
Thanks Hamish,
Great format and examples.

I look forward to implementing the tactics.Melissa S – TC Transcontinental
Good tips to apply to Cold Calling: 30 second commercial (how to appeal to the needs of prospects) and effective ways to get over the anxiety of making the call. A live cold call from the instructor would be a good way to see a practical exercise.

Jeff J – Spatial Technologies
This has some overlap with Foundations, the overlap is a good reinforcement. Picked up some key points. I would recommend to those that just take one course as a starting point.

Dierdre L – JORI International Ltd.
I saw a lot of value in this session, it has shown me how to come out of my comfort zone and use these tools to assist me in my position. I really enjoyed it and have seen a HUGE benefit in my role from this course. 

Randy N – Sur-Flo Meters & Controls Ltd.
I thought this was a great workshop!

Ixia F – Great News Publishing
This has been extremely helpful and insightful. Being able to understand and predict what might happen helps me overcome the anxiety. I think fear of the unknown of what is likely to happen was a major fear. I would love to spend more time learning these techniques as I believe it can be helpful in many areas of my life.

Jason T M – Mariner Mechanical
Absolutely worth my time! Once again, I am leaving the Sandler office with more tools, more confidence and more success to look forward to. Well done!!

Ahren E – Horizon North Logistics
Gave me some great thoughts and ideas on how to plan for each outgoing call and how to keep it conversational & non-scripted. Is also a good refresher into our current foundations training, and other. I continue to collect + retain many ‘other’ Sandler rules + topics.

Timothy L – Attention Funnel
The workshop was very helpful in identifying and fixing a lot of common problems with doing cold calls in general and helped me getting more confidence.

Joanna N – Great News Publishing
Very engaging with lots of great content. Makes it relevant to each individual industry/ company, so everyone has something to take away. The delivery also makes the information really accessible and understandable and makes cold-calling feel WAY less daunting and easy to implement.

Kay P – Great News Publishing
Hamish supported my cold call experience by giving me the confidence to say what the prospect will be receptive to not what they want to hear. The class is fun and light but also intensive and educational. These techniques will definitely help grow my confidence when implemented.

Ashley D – FMAV
After being exposed to Sandler before todays workshop, Hamish did an amazing job making connections with what I know, new ideas/ teachings and clarifying any grey areas. Super engaging class and I hope to have the opportunity to attend more workshops.

Allan L – Attention Funnel
For those who are familiar with the Sandler sales system, this boot camp is a great way to apply these techniques to the cold-call.

Susan L – Great News Publishing
Enjoyed the knowledge I learned for sales and prospecting calls.
Professionally also knowledge I gained and personally.
This knowledge enlightened me as to not be so hard on myself.

Jeremy C – Peregrine General Pest Control
Refreshing update of sales procedures.
Hamish is very engaging and speaks from knowledge and experience.
Opened my eyes to certain ideas that hadn’t occurred to me previously.

Shana C – Great News Publishing
Hamish did such a great job by taking my fear away for cold calling I cannot wait to put it all to use.
Voicemail dating is brilliant!

Jodi B. – Horizon North Logistics
Course provided excellent coverage on cold calling.
Hamish was very engaging and held the crowd by participation in conversation and activity.
Excellent course and highly practical.
Love the suggestion of providing the client the option to leave the call.

Pamela G. – Sure Systems
I had a very positive experience at Hamish’s workshop because it focused and addressed everyone’s pain in the room. Hamish gave very useful knowledge. I enjoyed that the workshop was very interactive. I will be able to master my technique and become more successful in my cold calling after attending this workshop. Thank you.

Marie P. – Access2 Safety and Va-lue Office Support
Very detailed information about setting goals and B.A.T Great information to set up script and techniques to feel more comfortable about Cold Calls, and make them.