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There are only three resources we need to be successful in sales. They aren’t good brochures, better prices, the “gift of gab” or any of the other myths and lies made up about and by salespeople.

The actual resources we need to be successful in sales are:

  1. Curiosity – genuine curiosity to have a purposeful conversation with our prospect to discover if our hypothesis, that they are qualified to become our client, is accurate. When we approach our prospect with genuine curiosity we have a conversation among equals instead of one side of the conversation (typically salesperson) feeling used at the end.
  2. Commitment – to ask all of the questions necessary to properly qualify before presenting. Rushing to present reinforces the notion that we are all commodities in the minds of our prospects and makes our sales funnel look like the bloated tummy in an antacid commercial.
  3. Conviction – to never leave a conversation with a client or prospect without a clear, mutually agreed on, next step whether that step happens the next day or in six months. When we don’t have that conviction we end up damaging rapport, going into “chase mode” with our prospects and lying to ourselves about the probability of closing.

With those three resources we will be successful in sales. We will accelerate our success by having a clear sales process (the “what” we need to do to find, close and keep clients long term), a selling system (the “how” we get to the “what”) and a sales funnel kept consistently full by proactive prospecting.

Until next time… go sell something.

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