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The key to keeping our funnel full is our sellers maintaining their credibility with their buyers throughout their sales cycle. This is a delicate balance because trust in sellers is low, so if our seller steps offside from the buyer’s perspective at any time, our seller’s credibility is shattered. That doesn’t mean that they won’t close the sale, but they’ll have to work a lot harder (and longer) to get that opportunity across the finish line.

This article’s title is intended as the highest possible compliment. If you’re a sales leader, and your team is producing, I really do believe that’s because of your ability to do what an air traffic controller does.

We’re halfway through January. It’s likely that our sellers have some zombie opportunities in their funnel that should be put to rest.

Brian Jackson, Sandler coach from San Diego, talks about productivity hacks: how to measure and manage productivity. Productivity is one of the most important aspects of any business. Productivity isn't just about quantity—it's also about quality. It can also be one of the most difficult to measure and manage.

In this episode, Gerry Weinberg from Detroit talks about how to survive an economic recession. He shares his experience as a Sandler trainer and explains how downturns can actually be opportunities for businesses. 

It’s becoming cliché to be “buyer focused,” however sellers still focus more on their messaging than their buyer because it’s easier. It’s also easier for sellers to miss buying signals (positive and negative) when navel gazing.

Employee engagement is key to the success of any organization. Listen to the podcast to learn the secret to getting your team on board and engaged in their work!

I loved watching Emil Lagasse’s show when the Food Network first launched. Yes, “bam” is the catch phrase that most remember him for, but it’s another, “you can always add, but you can never take away” that sticks with me given its relevance to our sellers for creating more successful interactions with their prospects and clients.

Many business leaders make costly errors as they put together their plan for the year to come – errors that make it harder than it should be for their teams to implement the plan and attain the goals it identifies. Here are five of the most expensive mistakes we see. Avoid all five, and you will write a better business plan!

Here are three proven, painless strategies for starting and completing the right plan for the coming year – a plan that will help you make the best possible decisions over the next twelve months and keep your business humming.