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Professional Development

Imagine this: You unlock your phone, go into your banking app and see that you’ve got a seven-digit number just staring back at you from the other side of your screen.

In those first few moments, your heart might start to beat a little faster, your mind racing from one thought to the next, and your hands could even become slightly clammy as they grip your phone...

But what next?


This week, elevate your nonprofit leadership with insights from Mike Kenny. Discover the essential behaviors and strategies necessary for running a nonprofit like a successful business.

Regular reflection on how well personal and team behaviors align with these stated values is crucial. 

What does it tell us about learners if only 8% of courses bought are actually ever finished? Most folks will go to learn something new (usually to solve a problem they are experiencing) but their learning process never goes deeper than just writing a page of notes and then throwing them into the abyss of discarded learnings.


In a world where sales are often equated with networking and relationship-building, consider the  age-old debate that sales isn't about the product or price, nor is it about the significance or the number of your connections, but in the trust people place in your capabilities to help them.


For sales leaders and business owners, focusing a lot on just making more sales, getting more leads, and sending out more proposals might seem good. But the problem is that they tell us what happened, not what's going to happen.

Join Mike Montague and Daniel Murray as they delve into the world of marketing millennials, discussing the attitude, behavior, and techniques needed to climb to the top and stay there.

Since the landscape of learning and development is transforming due to AI and language models, Sandler believes that those who understand and embrace these technologies will get ahead and stay ahead in the ongoing race for innovation, growth, and market share.

To help salespeople wrap up 2023 to best serve their clients/customers, Tim Roberts shares these three key takeaways for selling in an AI world.

Join Ty Hoesgen and Sandler in this episode for an in-depth exploration of the art of successful video calls.