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Hamish Knox

As the pace of change increases so do the demands we put on our salespeople. Our path to full funnel freedom will require new processes, systems and technology, but if we don’t slow down we may wear out our team.

Humans aren’t light switches yet when we treat coaching our team members as an event instead of an ongoing commitment to their development, we fail them.

To create full funnel freedom our sales team needs playbook.

As a sales leader our ultimate accountability is to achieve the targets set out with the Board or our investors within our fiscal year (which may or may not match the calendar year); however, if we aren’t effectively managing our sales year, we’ll probably miss those targets and then must have an awkward conversation that we’d rather avoid.

So, we’ve ascend from salesperson to sales manager and now we’re managing sales managers. It’s kinda scary. We don’t want to micro-manage, yet we’re ultimately accountable to the growth targets that the Board and/or investors expect to see.

In a traditional interview setting the interviewer is usually selling (instead of qualifying) their candidate and the candidate is telling the interviewer what they believe the interviewer wants to hear so they select the candidate. This is one of the reasons why the cost of a bad hire is over six figures regardless of role and can reach into seven figures for more senior roles.

One of the ways we can differentiate on how we sell instead of what we sell is to engage our prospects emotionally in the causes of and solutions to their problems.

David Sandler said, “sales is not a place to get your emotional needs met,” yet salespeople still force their prospects into “relationship building” chatter that ends up damaging their chances of closing.

Our number one competitor in sales is us. David Sandler said, “most salespeople beat themselves up between their ears.” The starting point for a successful day, week, month, quarter or year is our mindset. Below are a curated set of five mindsets our clients leverage to create consistent success.

Effective delegation is crucial if we are going to realize both our business and personal visions. Where we go offside as leaders is buying into the head trash that “they have to do it like us.”