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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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Sandler in Calgary Agreements

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Our Agreements

"Excellent" caliber businesses are growing and expanding, and constantly moving beyond comfort zone to adjust to changing technology and market conditions.

Sandler in Calgary, its prospects, clients, vendors and partners agree that:

  1. We will treat each other as equals in our conversation even when we disagree and no matter what our role is in the organization
  2. We will only say “yes” when we mean “yes” and not as a way to avoid saying “no”
  3. We accept that “no” now doesn’t mean “no” forever and we won’t take it personally if we are told “no”
  4. We only say “maybe” when we clearly identify what’s missing to say “no” or “yes” and co-create a clear timeline for next steps
  5. We always put a clear next step in our calendars if our conversation is not completely closed off when our time is up
  6. We respect that each of us has a process to follow to successfully deliver
  7. We will clearly state up front what information we require to make a clear “stop” or “go forward” choice each time we speak
  8. We do what we say we will do by when we say we’ll do it. If we can’t we give each other as much notice as possible with a clear, revised deadline for completion
  9. We address issues when they are at 10% instead of at 90%
  10. We pay our invoices in full on or before the due date because we aren’t a bank for each other

if you’re not currently a client and these agreements resonate with you book a call with us today to start discovering if we a good fit to work together.