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Sandler Training in Calgary | Calgary, AB

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Robert Rothenberg, CEO of The Rothenberg Group - Video testimonial.

Mary O'Sullivan-Andersen testimonial 

Recipient of Sandler in Calgary's Not-for-Profit Scholarship in Kind 2019.

Regan Herbst, Advantus360 - Video Testimonial

My first impression of the Sandler training System was pure intrigue. Everything that was being said at the seminar I first heard Sandra speak at was the complete opposite as to what I had ever learned about a sales process previously - but it all made complete sense and I needed to learn more. I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship by Hamish Knox of Sandler Training - and instantly my intrigue become fear and I realized I had to unlearn so many behaviours instilled into me. Since beginning The Sandler Training System, it has helped me find my voice within my role at work and made me more aware and confident in my identity in everyday life. Sandler System taught me how to confidently introduce myself, lead a prospect through MY selling system and to stop falling victim to the buyers' dance. For anyone who wants to be pushed outside of their own comfort zone, in a safe place - and grow in all aspects of your life (no joke) - Sandler Training will be a catalyst in helping you achieve this.

Brittany Carlson, West Canadian Digital Imaging Inc.

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz, The Write Harle - Video Testimonial

I really appreciate the better approach to sales that the Sandler Selling System has given us. It's fantastic that we, as a not-for-profit were able to participate in a year-long scholarship program and receive valuable training through a structured approach, role playing, and weekly reinforcement. The program has enabled Kinetica Ventures to build out our sales capability and drive our business forward. I encourage everyone who wants a better sales approach to take a look at Sandler.

Kevin Frankowski, Executive Director, Kinetica Ventures. Not-for-Profit Scholarship Winner March 2016 - April 2017

Wade Bayntun, - Video Testimonial

I have been working with Hamish as my Sandler Sales Trainer for six months now. Before working with Hamish, my business partner and I were at a turning point in our small business. We needed to take some big steps if we wanted to follow our passions and dreams. We visited one of Hamish's sales classes and were blown away by the content that was being taught and the atmosphere in the class. It was not the typical business sales lesson we were expecting, but skills that can be transferred to all areas of life. We were a bit hesitant with the financial and time commitment required, but saw the great benefits not only in our business but also for our personal lives. Since moving forward with Hamish, my income has tripled, my communication skills (both in business and my personal life) have immensely improved, and my self confidence has grown. Hamish is always willing to help where he can, and listen to the struggles and successes in both my business and personal life. He is very understanding and always in our corner! In the class room, Hamish is always able to create a judgement free atmosphere, allowing us all to be vulnerable and honest with each other. I owe the accountability and training from Hamish, through Sandler Training, to the success of my business in 2014.

Stephanie Jager, Owner - Jager & Ko. Photography

Alex McGillivray, Sure Systems Ltd. - Video Testimonial

I first started with Hamish Knox and Sandler Training in August 2013 and haven't looked back once in four years. In fact, a non-Sandler colleague of mine asked me the other day if I still found value in working with Sandler and, without a split second of thought, I said, "even more today than when I first started." The reason is simple: with Hamish you have a wealth of support, are held accountable for your choices and actions, and have someone who is invested in your success. While I initially joined Sandler as a way to gain confidence in properly qualifying prospects and get comfortable with "sales," the reason I continue with Sandler is because of the ongoing business support I receive week over week. Support that's not just sales, but in overall business operations and growth strategies. On a different note, because Sandler focuses on internal behaviours and conversations, I personally have grown in how I view myself, how I approach conversations with my husband and loved ones, and am more committed to setting realistic goals with actions rather than "hope." Sandler Training through Hamish Knox, has changed my life. I am so excited to see what the next four years of being in Sandler will do not just for my business, but for my life.

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz, The Write Harle

Justin Caskey, Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Ltd. - Video Testimonial

Rebecca Wood, Calgary Chamber of Commerce - Video Testimonial

You can tell a lot about someone by the people they hire and how well those people mesh into a team. The Sandler Calgary team Hamish has built reflects a true client service ethic. Hamish, Ashley and Nisha are always on point, there to discuss issues and to support your growth. Continuing to renew and work with Sandler Calgary is one of my best business decisions.

David Schultz Schooley Mitchell

Barb Roux, ONIT Roofing & Exterior Inc - Video Testimonial

Mike Russell, Great News Publishing Ltd. - Video Testimonial


Sales has always been a bit of a mystery for me. It's something that I've had to do that I've never really enjoyed nor been particularly good at. Hamish has helped take the mystery out of sales for me. Since working with him not only have my sales increased but so has my customer satisfaction! Hamish's training & coaching has provided a fantastic return on the investment!

Alex McGillivray, CEO, Sure Systems Ltd.

Jeff Moe, MicroWatt LifeSafety Solutions - Video Testimonial



Sheila Nykwist, New Branch Media - Video Testimonial

Samuel Hoff

Patti Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Samuel Hoff, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Patti Engineering, talks about how his company’s sales more than doubled after Sandler sales training. “In 2007, we were a bunch of really good engineers and really bad salespeople; now we’re the same good engineers but we’re a lot smarter about the sales process.” In 2007 the company did a little less than $3 million in business and spent $1.10 for every dollar it made. Last year it did $7.5 million in business and spent 88¢ for every dollar it made. “My personal income is seven times what it was in 2007,” says Hoff. “That’s living proof of the success of Sandler.”

I approached Hamish because of recommendation from friend and business owner as myself. We were looking for the new ways to increase our sales volumes and strategies. From the first meeting Hamish was very different from any other trainers I have met before. Hamish helped us to move to the next level in our sales and discover new opportunities we never thought before. Working with Hamish is great experience that you will never forget. If your company looking for the improvements in sales and leadership I strongly recommend to call Hamish and have a conversation.

Olga Ossipova - Owner and Business Manager at Black Gold Apps Inc.

Ken Harris

Health o meter

Industry: Healthcare

Ken Harris is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Health o meter, which manufactures devices for the medical community. He describes his history with Sandler, which spans 15 years and four companies. “Sandler is the one process I’ve seen that puts customer behaviors and salespeople behaviors together to help the customer in a way that ends up helping the company.” Harris uses a sports analogy to describe the impact of a great system, whether in college sports or sales training: “In a college team, turnover is every four years by definition, yet dynasties exist because they have good systems. Sales is also a skill set that needs to be constantly honed and, for me, Sandler is the only method that provides that level of consistent and intimate training.”

Roy Cook

Merrill Lynch

Industry: Financial Planning

Roy Cook, who works with Merrill Lynch to help clients strategize their retirement plans, explains his mindset when he started Sandler training. “When I was introduced to Sandler I didn’t think I had any problems,” he says. He did have problems, though, including the lack of a systematic approach to generating new business. “Sandler has a very logical, very cerebral approach to sales. I saw more than 20 percent growth in my business year after year. Some of that I attribute to the market, but a lot of it I attribute to the Sandler process, with me implementing it and working more efficiently.”

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